AFL is a member-focused organization, driven by a shared vision of promoting liberty through financial support for student programs.


AFL Members Support Current Student Programs

AFL members are instrumental in supporting current student programs. 100% of member dues go to support students programs and AFL members provide mentorship and advice to current students.


Network with like-minded professionals

AFL members meet with each other all over the world to help each other succeed. Whether helping students, networking for jobs, or helping each other’s business interests, AFL is the place to network.


Friends, conferences and being involved

AFL simply allows you to retain the friendships from when you were a student leader for liberty and gives you the opportunity to enjoy most of SFL's events for free (no additional charge).

Why Alumni for Liberty?

Students for Liberty is growing, and at the same time, it’s growing up. Many of those who joined as students have by now graduated. At the conferences you meet more and more attendees who have never been a Student For Liberty (simply because they had already graduated when the movement started), but nevertheless consider themselves part of the movement.

Having attended SFL‘s events as non-students – and by far not the only ones – we, the creators of Alumni For Liberty (AFL), believe it‘s time to leverage the potential of this vibrant and growing not-only-student community!